Amun Boarding School
Welcome to Amun Boarding School, a place for students who wish to be more challenged in their schoolwork and participate in sports. Here we have six houses for our students to live in and we also provide dorm buildings for those who do not wish to reside in one of our houses. Like our school name, each house is based off an Egyptian god or goddess. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Amun.

Based on the Nickelodeon Television Show, House of Anubis.

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This roleplay has been open since February 17, 2012.


Wesley Morris | 16 | Ra House | Ra Mystery | Straight | William Moseley | TAKEN

Wesley was born in Germany with his parents. His parents took great care of him when he was a kid and tried to do anything they could. He grew up with little money, but his family still pulled through. One day, Wesley and his parents were driving through town, when a drunk driver ran a stoplight and hit their car. His father who was driving died immediately and his mother died on the way to the hospital. Wesley barely lived, but he luckily did. He has a few scars from the accident - physical and mental.

With  both parents dead, Wesley was sent to England to live with his grandparents when he was twelve years old. His grandparents were his mom’s parents, and well, they hated his mother for marrying his father, so they automatically hated him. They didn’t want him in the first place, but the government forced them to take care of Wesley since they were on his parents will to take care of him. As soon as he arrived at their house, his grandparents enrolled him to Amun Boarding School and he started going there.

Here at Amun, Wesley is the geek kid. He loves science fiction movies and books. He’s a nice, adorable guy, but it seems like no one really likes him and they make fun of him. At least once a week, he gets bullied badly. He’s been to guidance a few times to try and deal with the bullies, but it never seems to work or help him any.


Secret: “I live with my grandparents which only Justin knows about. My grandparents hate me, so they sent me to Amun Boarding School so they wouldn’t have to take care of me.”

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