Amun Boarding School
Welcome to Amun Boarding School, a place for students who wish to be more challenged in their schoolwork and participate in sports. Here we have six houses for our students to live in and we also provide dorm buildings for those who do not wish to reside in one of our houses. Like our school name, each house is based off an Egyptian god or goddess. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Amun.

Based on the Nickelodeon Television Show, House of Anubis.

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This roleplay has been open since February 17, 2012.


Anonymous said, I know you're only making two new FCs till you get more popular, but I just wanted to give you a suggestion if you ever make a list or anything of future FCs; Rocky Lynch. And there are plenty GIFs of him :D Same with Riker or Ross Lynch if you wanna use them too sometime :)

Awesome. I’ll think about it. I was just looking at the new blog and realized we have only 3 open males and and 5 open females, so I’ll probably be making new characters sometime soon.

If you want to leave any more suggestions, please go to the new blog! Thanks!

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We have officially moved! 

Please follow the new blog! This one is a sideblog. I know, silly right? I was a part of this roleplay a while back and asked for suggestions with creating a roleplay and they said to make it a sideblog. Now, we’ve officially moved to this new blog! Make sure you are now following it! 

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Anonymous said, Could I maybe see a Lucas Till FC in the future?

Maybe. We are only making two more characters - Emily Osment and Jake T. Austin - for now. Once more characters get taken, then we’ll probably make a few more. I’ll add him to the imaginary list in my head. 

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Anonymous said, You should get a Tommy Knight FC!! He's amazing <3

Hmm, maybe. ;) I think that’s up to Kaitlynn though. -Christina

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Joy Mercer she deleted her account so you don’t have to actually unfollow her

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Joy Mercer | 16 | Anubis House | Sibuna | Straight | Klariza Clayton | OPEN

Joy Mercer was raised in London, England with her parents. When Joy was only five years old, her parents got a divorce and her dad moved out. Her mom kept her and Joy was perfectly fine with this. However, he father wasn’t. He made sure that Joy visited him at least once a month. While she was at his place, he would talk to her about Egyptian Mythology and the lifestyle of Egyptians. She didn’t understand why he was doing this.

When Joy was thirteen years old, her father wanted her to go to Amun Boarding School. Her mother didn’t. They argued and argued and her mother finally gave in. Joy started going to Amun and she really didn’t like being away from her mother. She quickly became friends with Fabian Rutter and a few others. However, at age sixteen, she discovered just why her father was always teaching her about Egypt. She was supposedly the Chosen One. She was taken away from school and forced to do the duties of the Chosen One. However, she soon discovered she wasn’t it and it was Nina Martin.

Now, Joy Mercer has changed completely. She feels as if no one actually really cares for her. She cares for everyone else, but they all seem to not worry about her. Sometimes even Mara and Patricia are rude towards her. But things have gotten a little better, but not entirely.


  • Hunter Ash is Joy’s current boyfriend, maybe. No one really knows if they’re actually dating. They flirt a lot and have said they’re dating, but then they say they’re not.
  • Nina Martin and Joy are enemies and they hate each other because of Fabian. Joy has tried to like Nina, but she just can’t seem to do it. She’s nicer to Nina now though, but she still can’t seem to like him.
  • Fabian Rutter is her oldest friend at Amun. She met him once he started coming here and she gained a huge crush on him. She got into fights with Nina Martin over the boy, but now things are better. She doesn’t have a crush on him anymore and they’re just friends again.
  • Amber Millington used to annoy Joy to no end. They also used to be enemies because of how Joy was fighting Nina for Fabian. Amber was a complete bitch to Joy and made Joy cry a few times. Now, they’ve tried to forget everything about the Fabian thing. When Fabian told everyone about how Amber had a crush on Nina, Joy tried to help out Amber. She also knows about the truth.
  • Alfie Lewis is the annoying kid who makes her mad. She tries to be nice to him, but it’s hard when all he does is be annoying and stupid. 
  • Jerome Clarke is a stupid bad boy in her opinion. She doesn’t like him, but she still thinks he’s hot. She once made-out with him, but she will deny it if asked about it.
  • Mara Jaffray is one of Joy’s best friends. The two girls are together a lot and Mara is ready to help out Joy if she has any problems.
  • Patricia Williamson is Joy’s best friend in the world. The two are super close and Joy really cares for her. They may be opposites, but they’re inseparable.

Secret: “I suffer from depression because of my childhood and school life..”

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Anonymous said, If you get on the unfollow list, more than once and you can't have THAT account back, can you not even come back as another character? Just curious... c:

You can re-audition as another character if you’re on the unfollow list that much.

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